Confused and Scared

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Confused and Scared

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So I'm 14 years old and recently discovered the different sexualities and sexual orientations there are. Because of that I started wondering about myself. I think I'm equally unattracted to all genders, but maybe I'm just too young to feel that way? I don't really get 'crushes', more like a longing to be someone's friend (not significant other). A few months ago I made a Trevor Space account and started to talking to people on there, until my parents found out. I got in huge trouble, grounded and everything for talking to strangers online. They said that if I need to talk to someone i should talk to them because all those 'friends ' I made were predators. About the sexuality thing, they said that 'There weren't as many labels when we were younger' and 'You're too young to know about these things '. I've been trying to figure out myself but I'm so confused! And I'm terrified how my family and friends would react to all this.
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Re: Confused and Scared

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Hi pinkpuppy,

I'm so sorry your parents reacted like that, and that their reaction is making you even more nervous about your identity. Are you taking steps so that your parents are less likely to find the account you've made here?

It's absolutely okay to be questioning your sexual orientation, or to feel like you're not quite certain what, if any, label applies to you. In fact, we have a whole series that talks about that experience: The Answers (for Now). Are there particular identities that you've learned about that struck a chord with you, where you read the description and went "huh, I think that might apply to me?"
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