The noise is a problem

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The noise is a problem

Unread post by Pinky »

So I’m 13 turning 14 next month and I’ve been masturbating for about 2 months now. I use an electric toothbrush because using my hands just doesn’t work for me. The problem is the toothbrush makes noise, so if my parents are home i can’t do it, but the main time I’m horny is at night when my parents are there. Any tips on how to stop my parents from hearing it? Or how I could learn to use my hands?
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Re: The noise is a problem

Unread post by Sam W »

Hi Pinky,

There are a few things that might work in terms of muffling the noise. One would be to turn on music or a white-noise machine, if either of those things won't arouse suspicion coming from your room at that time of night (for instance, lots of people use white noise to help them sleep, so if you want to masturbate once you're in bed, you could say you've started using it for that reason). Another would be to try and mainly use the toothbrush under the covers, because that will help muffle the noise. Do any of those sound doable?

In terms of finding other ways to masturbate, that's certainly something you can experiment with! This article has some advice on different things to try: Going Solo: The Basics of Masturbation. And, this one has some advice on things that might be similar to the toothbrush but quieter, as well as help on making sure you're DIY-ing your sex toys safely: D.I.Y. Sex Toys: Self-Love Edition
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