Coming off Birth Control pills

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Coming off Birth Control pills

Unread post by Yani22 »

Hello, my girlfriend and I had sex on the 9th of March and I used a condom, and she was on birth control (combined pill). She had her usual bleeding on the 4th day of the Placebo pills and she had finished another pack without us having sex, having another withdrawal bleed for that pack.

Note: She took a break from birth control one month before and she just started taking the pills again since she wanted to take a break from the dryness. (The 7 day rule with backup protection was followed)

After two packs, the corona Virus had us on lockdown so we would not have sex the next month eitherway so she decided to stop taking pills. It's been 35 days since her withdrawal bleed and we are wondering when will her periods come back.

We ruled out pregnancy since 2 withdrawal bleeds happened and she took a pregnancy test in the morning. (is this the correct conclusion?)
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Re: Coming off Birth Control pills

Unread post by Alexa »

Hey there Yani,

As I'm not your medical provider, I can't say definitively whether or not your girlfriend is pregnant/your conclusion is correct. However, if she's had withdrawal bleeds since your last sexual encounter and her pregnancy test came back negative after ~a month of not having sex, it seems unlikely that she's pregnant.

Sometimes periods are just irregular! And birth control can definitely affect your regular menstrual cycle. We have this great guide for navigating concern around irregular periods and pregnancy concern -- check it out if you get a chance and let us know what you think!
Alexa K.
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