15 pregnant and he left

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15 pregnant and he left

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so i’ve been having a intimate relationship with a boy for a few months he was my first i am 15 and he’s roughly 19 now he’s also in the military i recently found out i was pregnant i began to talk to him about the possibility and he said it didn’t matter because now he’s being deployed and now he’s officially gone i don’t know what to do i’m aware of my reckless actions i just wasn’t thinking i’m trying to piece together what i should do because abortion is illegal and i don’t want to kill it but i just don’t know anymore
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Re: 15 pregnant and he left

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Hi there crunchyic3, welcome to Scarleteen.

I'm sorry you're dealing with such a stressful situation without the support of the guy you were in a relationship with; that sounds very painful. He's wrong that it "doesn't matter" because he's being deployed, though. For one thing, whether he's in the military or not, he should be legally required to pay child support if you're able to establish paternity. He can't escape that responsibility by being deployed.
In addition, though, the age of consent in Texas is 17; it was unlawful for him to have a sexual relationship with you. I realize the relationship may have felt consensual to you, but in legal terms, you were unable to consent.

Do you have any trusted adults in your life you can speak to about this? They might be able to help you access medical and legal help. I do have a few links to some legal resources in Texas you could look into as well, in terms of figuring out how to file for child support and potentially other legal action, if it's something you're interested in pursuing. We can talk through some of those options with you as well.

Here are a few links I found:
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