Really Unsure

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Really Unsure

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Suppose, my boyfriend masturbates using his saliva as a lube (using his hands to apply it) and then a few hours later, he performs cunnilingus on me. Will the semen be able to get into the vagina?
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Re: Really Unsure

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Hi Wan,

No, semen will not be able to get into the vagina. For starters, any semen that possibly made it to his mouth would likely be wiped away or washed away by things like eating, drinking, or just swallowing saliva. But more than that, even if did make it's way from the mouth to the vagina or vulva, it wouldn't do anything, because the sperm within semen are fragile and need specific conditions to survive. You can read more about that here: Who's Afraid of Sperm Cells?
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