was phrasing about medical abuse against policy?

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was phrasing about medical abuse against policy?

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was how i talked about surviving medical abuse against policy?
or was describing myself and others as psychiatrically-marginalized against policy?
or was talking about needing to reduce psychotropics because of both emotional, sexual, and physical adverse effects against policy?
or was asking if staff knew of any layman's guides to tapering slowly when a doctor's help wasn't available against policy?
was any of these things or something else the reason my thread was not posted?
should i have instead posted in 'abuse and assault' or 'ask us'?
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Re: was phrasing about medical abuse against policy?

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Hi noaccount,

None of the language in your post was against our policies here on the boards. We decided not to let the post through because it's outside of the scope of things we can responsibly help with here at Scarleteen. While we can talk to users about some topics related to mental health, advising a user on how to reduce or taper off a medication they're using for mental health treatment is not something we have the capacity to do. Too, when questions about medication arise, we generally direct people to the healthcare provider(s) they're already working with, since our advice cannot substitute for medical advice from a professional. But you've been very clear about your needs and boundaries around that vein of advice, so there wasn't a great way for us to answer your question responsibly while also respecting that boundary.
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