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Hi i am so worried. I gave my bf a hj and he did not *** and there was only pre*** on my hands. And then after that, we cuddled for a while and i am sure that my hands were dry. I also might have wiped my hands on the pillows and also, i am touching his body so the pre*** might have been wiped off. Then, we got up to the bathroom and i changed my sanitary pad. I am afraid that there were still precum on my hands while i am putting the sanitary pad on my underwear. I am worried that the pre*** transferred on the sanitary pad while i "center" it. I touched many things so the pre*** is probably dry by the time i went to the bathroom. Is it possible to get pregnant from this? I am also on the first day of my period when this happened. I am extremely worried and paranoid. Please reply asap. Thank you so much.

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Re: HELP!!!

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Please do NOT keep posting the same question as it is against the guidelines you agree to follow when you signed up. You have an answer in the first post you made and the answer is not going to change.

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