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I know this is a very old thread but maybe someone will see this, idk. I've been told it's pedophilia and I used to agree with that, and I guess I don't disagree with it now, but I've discovered that I'm into some kinky stuff I didn't know I liked and now I'm not too sure. I know that full sexual ageplay with diapers and pacifiers and stuff really freaks me out but I don't know if calling a partner "daddy" does? I don't know that it's something I especially want either way but I'm scared that in the process of experimenting I'll find out that I like it. I have a lot of guilt about it I guess.
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Re: ddl/lg

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Hi Cassie,

I split your post off from the original thread (viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5897) because there were some additional things I wanted to touch on.

It sounds like you've been exploring your own kinks more, and that you have some sense of what things are off the table for you. Can I ask where you think that guilt you feel is coming from, or why you're afraid you'll discover you like certain things in the course of experimenting?

I do want to echo something from the original thread, which is that while some people (including survivors) find the kink very uncomfortable, others find it empowering or enjoyable. Framing adults engaging in a consensual kink as pedophilia obscures the bigger discussion and is also sort of inaccurate.
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Re: ddl/lg

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umm, I started the thread linked, not Cassie. What is the "original thread" that's being referred to, then?
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Re: ddl/lg

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bikinksterboy wrote:umm, I started the thread linked, not Cassie. What is the "original thread" that's being referred to, then?
Cassie responsded to your thread with a new question about her own experiences so Sam split it off to be Cassie's own thread.
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