Talking about it

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Talking about it

Unread post by Anonymous275 »

How would you suggest that I talk about childhood sexual abuse with family members? I'm not sure how to broach the subject with my grandmother, who I am most talking about it with. I'm not sure if it would upset her.
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Re: Talking about it

Unread post by Heather »

Hey there, Anonymous.

My best advice is to do a couple of things:
1) Figure out what you want from sharing this with family members: making a small list may be helpful.
2) Figure out what you just can't handle or deal with from family members if you're disclosing: again, I'd make a list.
3) Look at both those lists and figure out who, if anyone, in your family seems like they might be a good fit for both meeting your needs/wants with disclosure AND who seem most likely to react in a way that you can handle right now.

If you do that, does anyone come up as a potential fit?
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