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Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 6:00 pm
by trentboi123
Do you know of anyways that I can meet people my age, 13 year old boy, and have like a relationship, are there any websites to find people that are looking for a relationship too.

Re: Relationship

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2020 8:21 am
by Sam W
Hi trentboi123,

So, as you may have discovered, basically any dating site or app is going to be 18+. That can be frustrating, but it's for safety reasons, since the most of the people using them would be way, way older than you. There are a few places on Reddit like r/TeenDates and r/TeensMeetTeens, and those are heavily moderated to keep them as safe as possible. However, as with any online forum, it's really important not to share personal information with anyone you don't trust and to be cautious in your interactions with people. In fact, this guide can help you stay safe if you explore those spaces: ... on_the_net.

All that being said, you'll likely have better like finding potential partners if you look a little closer to home. Are you involved in any hobbies or groups with people your age (online or off)? If not, is that something you're open to exploring?