Queer Platonic relationships

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Queer Platonic relationships

Unread post by BishoneninBloom »

I've heard about a kind of relationship called a 'queer platonic relationship' all I know is that it is apparently 'more than friends' but not fully romantic?
What would this look like?
Can you get queer platonic crushes? How are they different to 'romantic crushes'?
I've heard some aromantic people get into QPRs, is this true?
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Re: Queer Platonic relationships

Unread post by confusedhuman »

More than friends but not fully romantic is an okay definition of a QPR, but I wouldn't use it personally because I don't like the implication that qprs and romance is more important than friendship. I'd say a better definition is a committed (though not necessarily exclusive) long-term relationship that isn't romantic, but the thing is you can define it however you want! As for what it would look like, it all depends on the people involved. It could look like anything really. What's important is that everyone involved is informed and okay with everything going on. The one QPR I've been in involved lots of hugging, cuddling, and occasionally doing things together outside of school, though it's worth noting this hasn't changed since we "broke up". As for getting queerplatonic crushes, this is actually pretty common. The term for these is either a squish or a plush (the former is used more often but actually refers to platonic attraction). As for how they're different to romantic crushes, I really can't tell you, because I've never experienced those. Queerplatonic attraction to me is really wanting to be around someone, cuddle with them, and hopefully live with them someday. And yes, aro people can absolutely get into qprs. Both I and my ex are aro, I've heard of a bunch of others doing it as well, though I don't know any other aro people who have irl. At the end of the day, queerplatonic is just a label and it's not important what you call yourself unless you want it to be. I hope this helped, and feel free to ask me any more clarifying questions if you want. :)
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