My mom truly embarrassed me

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My mom truly embarrassed me

Unread postby Everglow » Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:54 am

I am really comfortable with my body now and I am really happy for myself on being this comfortable. I had a boyfriend and I had sex with him and then I broke up with him and now I have a new boyfriend and I'm sexually active with him and we have a nice fun relationship with it. Maybe I'm just becoming more of a woman because of all of this?
Yesterday morning I took a yoga class with my mom, something we always did together every week but due to this covid-19 virus we had to take a few months off. The yoga class is maybe 30 people and 10 of them are men. While getting ready for class I took my shirt off, and I had a sports bra on, it was the first time I ever took my shirt off in the class but like I said I'm now really comfortable with my body and who I am. 10 seconds after I took my shirt off my mother looked at me and realized that all I had was a sports bra on and she freaked out and went into my bag and took the shirt back out and gave it to me and told me to put it back on. She did this in front of a few of the people in the class, including two of the guys. I put my shirt back on and acted like everything was okay but I was really really embarrassed by the situation.
After yoga class my mom tried to have a conversation with me about it but we just had a screaming argument towards each other about how wearing a sports bra was okay but how she didn't think it was.
My plan next week is to walk into that class with a sports bra on, and this time I'm not going to let my mother say anything about it. She already embarrassed so it can't get any worse. But I think the problem is that my mom doesn't want these guys in the yoga class to look at my boobs, but for me I really don't mind showing them off either, and that's a good thing.
I don't need a reply to this, I just needed to speak.

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