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My old screw buddy came back he even ask if it were no strings attached and I agreed then he left two hours later called me and came back he’s never done this he even stayed the night I thought we had an agreement I think he even tried to get me pregnant why is he acting like this
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Re: Confused

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Hi Aurora222 -- welcome to Scarleteen! Truth is we won't really have an answer as to why he acted this way because we can only assume things here, which may end up being incorrect. The best way to understand his motivation is to ask him directly, especially if you feel that he's acting in a way that is confusing. It might be a good idea to talk about what you both mean when you say "no strings attached." Would you feel comfortable doing something like this?

Also, what do you mean by you think he tried to get you pregnant? Do you use any kind of contraceptive or birth control when you have sex?
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