My boyfriend left me because of....

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My boyfriend left me because of....

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My boyfriend broke up with me last week and I feel completely dead inside. But his reason is the one that breaks me the most. He said he can't have sex with me because he no longer feels sexual attraction towards me. (We never had sex, although I wanted to. We dated for a few months and he knows that I'm sexually inexperienced and that I'm struggling with this topic.)
He's also just interested in women who have sexual experience and know what they want. It hurts, because that reason was always my biggest fear. It hurts me especially because this inexperience is rather unusual at my age.
I'm so afraid that this inexperience will be a problem for every man... Does anyone have advice for me?
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Re: My boyfriend left me because of....

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Hi Len.123,

I'm sorry, break-ups can be so rough, and it sounds like this one involved something that was a big insecurity for you. Have you been able to do things to look after yourself in the aftermath? If not, how about taking a few minutes to look at this article and pick some things you could do for yourself? Getting Through a Breakup Without Actually Breaking

I do want to say that inexperience won't be a problem for all, or even most, guys your age. Part of the reason why I say that is that we know there are still lots of people with little to no sexual experience in their twenties, and plenty of people outside of that group don't see inexperience as an issue. Too, someone who does put a lot of stock in sexual experience is also indicating they're not the right partner for you, because you deserve a partner who's patient and excited to be a part of you learning to navigate partnered sex. Does that make sense?
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