Masturbation in a Dorm

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Masturbation in a Dorm

Unread postby Lazy_Isopod » Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:49 pm

For me it is hard to find the time to watch porn and masturbate in my dorm. How do I do it without raising alarm? Any suggestions? I have been doing it when my roommate is gone, but most of the time he is only gone for a little amount of time. Also is it healthy or normal to eat your own ejaculate? I have been kind of experimenting with it. How can I spice my masturbation up a little aswell? I have massaged my prostate to completion twice a couple of years ago and I loved it. I am straight though, is that normal for a straight male to like pleasuring my prostate? I was thinking about getting an mens anal toy. I have a Fleshlight that I have in my closet and I have 2 different cock rings that I love using. I am sexually exploratory, but I am scared to have people find out. any advice?

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Re: Masturbation in a Dorm

Unread postby Jacob » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:25 am


I'd say that what you have been doing until now, when your roommate is not there is the respectful thing to do.

You could have a conversation about how to make it easier for both of you to have more time alone, for whatever it is you want to do. Be it masturbation or writing a diary or reading a book in privacy for once.

As per masturbation advice, that's not really what we do, but I'm sure there's plenty of stuff online. So long as what you do is safe (e.g. cleaning toys and using condoms when needed) and respectful to anyone else you are sharing space with, I'd support that.

Also enjoying anal stimulaiton doesn't say anything about someone's orientation, it is just a part of our bodies reacting to stimulus.
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