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Into pup play at 16? Help

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2022 5:38 pm
by Thefloooff
So, I’m 16 (nonbinary they/them). And I recently discovered pup play through the furry fandom and going to pride. I’m very into leatherworking and I’ve already made myself a puphood. It’s more of a fun escapism, It is not necessarily a sexual thing for me but there really was no other place to put this discussion. I’ve made a conscious effort not to interact with the community as I am 16 and it wouldn’t be safe for me. But I’m very scared of my parents finding out about it and thinking I am. Basically I’m just really scared about my parents finding out and what to do when they eventually do. And is it even ok for me to be into this in the manner I am? It’s pretty much nonsexual for me and is more of like an coping mechanism pretending to be a dog.

Re: Into pup play at 16? Help

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2022 3:44 am
by Elise
Hi there Thefloooff, and welcome to Scarleteen. First of all let me say well done on thinking about your personal safety when staying safe and not interacting in adult online spaces. Also well done at acquiring a craft like leather-working, I know that takes a lot of patience and skill!

With regards to your hood and your privacy, do your parents regularly go through your things (and so this is a real privacy concern you have) or do you have a level of privacy about your things? If so, be sure to put your hood somewhere where only you access in your room. If you don't think you can put it anywhere that there isn't a risk it can be found and your safety (psychological and/or physical) would be at risk if it were found, or even if unlikely that any risk that it is found is causing you a lot of distress, then it may be worthwhile considering using your imagination only for the play, or making/getting something in a faux fur or a pair of ears that can be more easily passed off as dress up costume if found.

You should be able to have your fantasies stay private to yourself, so I do hope you have some level of personal privacy that allows you to feel safe doing so. Do any of these ideas sound achievable for you? If you have any other questions or curiosities, please don't hesitate to ask.