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first time

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so the guy i like offered casual experimentation (he wasnt pushy, he was really good about it) and i really want to take him up on it but im really not sure how to tell if im ready, i have a ton of body issues and im not sure im going to be able to be somewhat naked with someone

i dont really know what question im asking i just need some kind of words thrown at me
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Re: first time

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Hi there chrromie, and welcome to Scarleteen! You are taking a great first step in assessing whether you are in a place where sex with someone else is right for you where you're at right now. We have some great articles on Scarleteen that I will list below which could be a great starting off point for your consideration. If you feel comfortable doing so, you're very welcome to share your reflections, thoughts and/or questions about them here:
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