Cant 'get off' because of dysphoria

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Cant 'get off' because of dysphoria

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I'm a Trans guy and I've never been able to 'get off' because of dysphoria. Everything I've tried just doesn't work because I look at my body and just get disgusted by it. Its not that i don't feel horny, i do feel it a lot, but whenever i try to do anything i just feel very dysphoric and disgusted by my body and leaves me feeling frustrated. i don't really know what to do anymore or how to fix it as im not able to start testosterone for a while yet.
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Re: Cant 'get off' because of dysphoria

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Hi p3beo, and welcome to Scarleteen.
I'm sorry your dysphoria is making masturbation so upsetting and difficult. It's something that a lot of trans people struggle with, sadly, and while I don't have a clear solution I'm hoping some of our other community members who've had similar struggles might have thoughts to share.

One thing I remember a friend telling me, when he was dealing with genital dysphoria around masturbation, is that he found it easier to masturbate if he either wore latex gloves or used a toy of some kind. Having a bit of a separation between his hands and genitals created some mental distance that made it a bit easier. I don't know if that would be helpful at all for you, but wanted to pass that thought along.
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