should I take EC?

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should I take EC?

Unread postby Stuck11 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 3:19 pm

Hi, I'm looking for some advice about whether or not it's appropriate for me to take EC. I had sex last night, on the 22nd day of my cycle (which normally lasts 28-29 days). We used a condom with no apparent leaks or slippage. I'm worried though because, although my partner came, there was very little ejaculate in the condom afterward. He says that sometimes happens... i.e. volume-wise. I've seen him come a lot in most other circumstances though. He says he was holding urine this time, so that that may have contributed to him coming less, or less freely.

I'm not on any kind of long-acting birth control so am relying on condoms for that. (I have an IUD insertion scheduled for early March).

I've taken EC many times in the past, out of anxiety mostly. I'm not sure if this situation warrants it but my sense is no. Just feeling a bit skittish. What do you think?

He withdrew from me as soon as intercourse was over and everything looked ok. When I went to the bathroom after, there was nothing in the toilet water that looked like semen spilling out of my vagina. It tends to have a rope-y look, based on past experience. Is this a typical thing, for guys to just not ejaculate a lot sometimes?

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Re: should I take EC?

Unread postby Mo » Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:04 pm

It's not at all unusual for the amount of semen someone ejaculates to fluctuate over time, so this doesn't sound surprising or concerning to me. Whether your partner ejaculated more or less semen than you expected won't have an impact on how well the condom worked, and it certainly sounds like it worked properly.

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