I went to the doctor today

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I went to the doctor today

Unread post by AngelaQ »

I have been having some itching and got a little rash to go with it. Went to the doctor and I found out that I have pubic lice. It's treatable but I have to keep my clothing clean and keep my bed sheets clean and somehow I have to do all of this without my mom noticing. I have only had it for a couple weeks and I already know who I got it from but now I have to talk to him about it but I'm sure he already knows about it and then he has to tell the girl that he was with before me. And she must have gave it to him, whoever she is.
And if it can't get any worse my doctor wants me to go to the lab after school and get some blood drawn and check for other STIs. We used a condom each time but now I am very very worried on what might come up next.
I had a boyfriend for most of last year and then he convinced me to do a three way with his best friend and then I find out that he cheated on me with his best friend's girlfriend. This all made me an emotional wreck but I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. And now I've been seeing this new boy only had sex on Christmas Day and I had sex on New Year's and now I have an STI. 2020 not starting out good for me.
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Re: I went to the doctor today

Unread post by Gone.Sorry. »

I'm so sorry! That is a disappointing start to your new year. I can see why you'd be frustrated. I hope your tests go well.

We're still very early into 2020, though - there's plenty of time to balance things out and give yourself a better start to the new year!

What's something you've been wanting to do or try? Start taking steps to doing/trying that thing! Do something small (like start a new book) and plan for something big.
How can you pamper yourself? A luxurious bath? A spa day (I don't know what your relationship is with your mom but maybe a mother/daughter spa day?)? A homemade face mask?
Do you have any friends you could have a good time with? When was the last time you did something like have a sleepover and make a blanket fort? Do something relaxing!
Did you set any resolutions for yourself this year? Maybe now is a good time to set some resolutions. How about some fun ones? How about some outrageous ones?

Set an intention for 2020 that you're not going to let this stuff get you down and give yourself some things to look forward to!
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Re: I went to the doctor today

Unread post by Mo »

I'm so sorry you have this frustrating lice situation to deal with. Do you need any help finding ways to take care of your clothing or bedding without your mom asking questions you aren't up for answering?
I am glad that your doctor has suggested you have further STI testing, and hopefully you can take care of that soon; it can feel worrisome to have that sort of test, but it's much better to go ahead and get tested so you can have some concrete answers. Even if it's the case that there is another infection you need to be concerned about, it's better to know for sure that it's there than to be uncertain. Have you made plans to get that additional test, yet?
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