Unsure if I have a vaginal issue?

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Unsure if I have a vaginal issue?

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So I'm a bit worried and was wondering if I could get some advice. I've tried googling, but nothing seems to pop up. So I woke up yesterday and my vagina was kind of itchy all day and would sometimes be uncomfortable if I sat a certain way but just constantly a slight itch. It continued today and was slightly more uncomfortable, which worried me since any problems that pop up usually last for less than 24 hours. As it is still not getting any better, I decided to look with a mirror to see if anything looked wrong and noticed white at the back of my vaginal opening (I think). I don't think that's normally there, but I'm not actually sure. I tried to google it, but all that comes up is about discharge and any of the problems regarding itching don't seem to be the case. I've never had a sexual interaction with another person, so it wouldn't be an STI either.

Do you have any info or advice?

Many thanks!!
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Re: Unsure if I have a vaginal issue?

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Hi Wintersolstice,

We can't say for certain what's going on, although sometimes the vaginal environment gets a little thrown off and then resets on it's own. However, if you're noticing that this isn't going away, or that it's accompanied by other symptoms like odd discharge or pain, then it's time to check in with a healthcare provider to see what's going on. Some vaginal issues, like yeast infections, are caused by things other than sex, so you can have them even if you've never been sexually active.
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Re: Unsure if I have a vaginal issue?

Unread post by SpaceCowboy »

Itching could be for a lot of different reasons. Wearing tight spandex/leggings/etc for prolonged time can throw things off, as can using scented soaps or detergents for showering/bathing and laundry. If it's winter or otherwise a dry climate where you are, that can cause itching too! It may just be local tissue irritation caused by one of the things I mentioned but could also be a (non-sexually transmitted) infection like BV or a yeast infection. In general if you have a sensitive vulva/vagina my advice is to wear cotton underwear, don't keep workout gear on after you finish working out and use gentle/unscented soaps and detergents.

I concur though that if it seems like it's getting worse and is not going away, a doc is your best bet for identifying the issue!
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Re: Unsure if I have a vaginal issue?

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Just for educational purposes (this isn't a diagnosis!!!), I want to quickly add that not all vaginal infections (like yeast infections) have to always present with (funky) discharge. It's possible to have a yeast infection and not have any discharge but maybe have a white coating in and around your vagina. There's also bacterial vaginosis, which is classified as a minor infection, and is simply an imbalance of the bacteria around/in your vagina, which can present yeast-infection-like symptoms or even be asymptomatic and can clear up on its own as your body cleans itself and re-balances to its normal.

I second Sam W and SpaceCowboy. If this doesn't clear up or it worsens or you notice other symptoms (vaginal soreness and/or redness/swelling and/or painful urination), then a trip to the doctor is your best bet to pin down what's happening! Internet diagnosis is no replacement for the real thing.
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