Decentizisation whilst using clitoral vibrator

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Decentizisation whilst using clitoral vibrator

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So basically.

There’s no unembarrasing way to say this
I used to be able to feel a lot down there when I used the vibrator.

But I didn’t listen to my mum a couple of weeks ago when she said not to use it too much and I used it three days in a row. And I use it for quite a few hours.

After that I could barely feel anything.

Last night I tried again, and it was mostly just uncomfortable.

Now, hours later, I’m still feeling uncomfortable from that.

I’m really scared that in those three days I damaged my clitoris.

Help please?????
Sam W
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Re: Decentizisation whilst using clitoral vibrator

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Hi Teengirl,

So, while intense masturbating, especially for a long period of time, can cause some numbness or soreness, it's not going to cause permanent damage to the clitoris. I would give yourself a break from masturbating for a few days so you clitoris can recover.
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