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Generally when I'm masturbating I can get away with just using what I make, but sometimes it'll start to dry out a little, and when that happens I like to pee just enough so that it's slippy again. Is there any reason to not do that? It really turns me on and I can't think of any specific reason it's dangerous or anything, but I suppose being slightly acidic it's probably not great for my skin. One thing that I have noticed is that I tend to get small nicks and friction burns on occasion from being a little too enthusiastic, could the two things be related?
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Re: Masturbation

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Hi confusedhuman,

A lack of lubrication can make things like small nicks or irritation more likely, though the nicks may also come from your fingernails, so checking to be sure those are short (or even wearing latex gloves if the cuts really bother you) can help prevent them.

Using urine in that way isn't particularly dangerous, but it's also not the most effective way to get additional lubrication (and it's not as effective as vaginal secretions, since it's not something the body produces for that purpose during sex). It might be simplest in the long run to get some store-bought lube and use that on those days when you need a little extra.
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