Lost my V card last night and woke up with a large brown stain?

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Lost my V card last night and woke up with a large brown stain?

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Let me start out by saying I have been freaking out all morning. Last night there was a lot that happened with me and my bf, (I’m 19 he’s 22) we tried at least a few times (twice I’d say just attempting to get him in) the second time he pushed it in and I was in so much pain like it HURT. A LOT. He did six thrusts before I said take it out. There was a burning sensation after for a bit but it did go away. Because I wasn’t lubricated enough, and we didn’t use a condom (yes I’m upset with myself) I’m scared that the bleeding may be implantation bleeding because this morning I was wet (around 2am) but only thought it was because of what happened. I went back to sleep and woke up around 6 and went into the bathroom and saw the light brownish stain on my panties. It’s now 4:09 pm and I had a bit of yellowish discharge in my newer set of panties. I probably am writing way too much info but it smells like potatoes which I think is normal?? I already had my period early this month, and because my period always comes at different times each month there’s no way for me to know if it’s a bad thing getting it next month a bit delayed. If I don’t get it at all should I be concerned?
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Re: Lost my V card last night and woke up with a large brown stain?

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Hey there, and welcome to the boards. Sorry that freaking out is why you're here, but we're glad to have you here all the same. :)

So, what that bleeding is undoubtedly from is because of abrasion. It hurt because you were being hurt due to that lack of lubrication, what sounds like him being too hasty (pushing rather than taking the time we need to to get to the place where an orifice is actually *letting* us and even pulling us in some, rather than pushing our way in). Probably that genital tissue got some micro-tears as will happen when all that is going in. Your discharge sounds like...well, discharge. Unless it seems unusual to you in some way, nothing about it sounds weird to me.

Implantation bleeding is rarely a thing, but even when it is, it can only happen if and when an egg is implanting into the uterus, and that's a stage of conception that happens many days down the road after intercourse, not right away like this. But since it sounds like you're not comfortable having not used a method of contraception, you certainly have the option to look into emergency contraception so that you can after the fact, if you like, okay?

Sounds like moving forward, there are at least a few things to talk with your boyfriend about: condom use -- and safer sex and contraception period, as bigger topics, perhaps -- and also how to go about intercourse so that it's something that, if it turns out to be something you enjoy, feels good to you instead of painful, including things like OF COURSE using lube, and isn't something where it resembles an epic battle in any way, you know?

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