Questions about IUD safety and BDSM

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Questions about IUD safety and BDSM

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Hello! Some background: my partner and I are both AFAB (assigned female at birth). I have been using a hormonal IUD for years with no issues and love it. Recently my partner and I sat down and I helped teach him about IUDs (with the help of Scarleteen and PP's resources!) and he thinks he might be interested in getting one.
Our sex life is, for lack of a better word, fairly hardcore. He somewhat regularly is the receiver of fisting, and we have recently talked about trying cervical sounding in a sexual context, but couldn't find any good safety info about it so decided to try it when we have the money for an urgent care/ER visit if something goes wrong :lol:.
I know IUDs are safe and non-intrusive with more "vanilla" sexual activities (i.e., PIV, fingering, oral), but I'm curious about the safety with more intense play and haven't found good resources beyond a handful of folks on LJ in 2006 sharing that they didn't have issues, as long as they asked their provider to cut the strings a little shorter.
My questions are: Is fisting actually safe, or were these folks just lucky? If fisting is safe, is cervical stimulation (petting, prodding, poking the dimple) safe? I imagine cervical sounding would not be an option, but would love to be told I'm wrong. Any other thoughts/considerations about IUDs and harder sex acts would be greatly appreciated as well. Cheers!
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Re: Questions about IUD safety and BDSM

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Hi skittyusesing,

So, from what I'm finding in my searches and what we know about how IUDs interact with sex, I'm comfortable saying that fisting isn't going to disrupt or damage the IUD, especially if the strings have been cut short. IUDs are able to stay in place during things like rough sex or sex with large or long sex toys, so they should stay in place during fisting. As for more direct, cervical stimulation, as long as you're not grabbing or twisting at the shortened strings, it's likely to be fine. But I would suggest your partner check with a healthcare provider about that during the initial consult about the IUD

One other thing to keep in mind is that having things in the uterus does seem to create a higher risk of infection, especially shortly after the IUD is inserted. So it'll be important to make sure you're using gloves or condoms when inserting anything.
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