Pregnancy and Parenting

Questions and discussion for those who are or have been pregnant (or have pregnant partners), parenting or about options with an unintended pregnancy.
No pregnancy scare posts here, please.
Forum rules
This area of the boards is for:
• People (or their partners) who are or have been actually pregnant: not might be, not worry they are, but who have verified a pregnancy with a home pregnancy test, a test from a clinic, a doctor's exam or with birth or a termination
• People (or their partners) who are pregnant looking for help and support choosing between remaining pregnant and then choosing to parent or arrange an adoption, or terminating a pregnancy with an abortion
• People looking for help or support after making any of those choices, or making them with a partner
• People looking for various kinds of information about pregnancy, and options with pregnancy, including things like healthcare and birth choices
• People wanting help with parenting, particularly around sexuality or relationship issues

Please do NOT post pregnancy scares here, or "Am I pregnant?"-s. If and when you are currently or have been pregnant, especially unintendedly, having someone talk about their fears who is clearly not pregnant, or who is not even willing to take a test to find out can feel deeply maddening and frustrating. Talking about a pregnancy fear as if it were an actual pregnancy is also deeply disrespectful to people dealing with actual pregnancies.

If you have questions about if you should seek out emergency contraception, take a pregnancy test, how methods of contraception work, or what things you have chosen to do may or may not have presented pregnancy risks, those questions belong in another forum, such as the Sexual Health forum, the Bodies forum or the Ask Us forum. Thank you!
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