Will they know that I've had sex?

Hi, I have lost my virginity 3 years back. I also had an abortion based on tablet method when I was 1 and half months pregnant. Will my anyone be able to detect that I lost my virginity if they have intercourse with me? Please help!
Hollie replies:

There is no way that any sexual partner of yours would be able to tell that you've had sex before unless you tell them.

Here's the thing though; even strictly sexual relationships require honesty. You need to be honest about your sexual history because when you're involved in a sexual relationship, it can affect your partner too. And if you're looking for a long term relationship, you REALLY need to be honest. Starting off a relationship with a lie (even though you think it might never matter, it matters) is never a good idea.

You need to ask yourself why you feel the need to lie about your history to a potential partner. Are you scared they might reject you? If so, perhaps this isn't the right person for you afterall. Are you ashamed of it? Are you scared others might find out? If, for whatever reason, you think you may not be able to trust this potential partner, you may want to consider not having a sexual relationship with them in the first place.

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