What can I use for a vibrator?

I really love to masturbate, and I've been using a back massager I found in the attic for clitoral stimulation. It feels great, but it is getting kind of old. I was wondering if there was any thing else I could use (other than my hand) to spice things up a bit. And is there any way I can get vibrators without my parents knowing?
Susie replies:

If you're a minor, then your shopping options are limited. Sex shops cannot take customers who are not legal adults (the age of legality is 18 in most places, but varies worldwide).

With that said, any vibrating massager can be used for masturbatory purposes so long as it doesn't have sharp edges and doesn't pose a real risk of electrocution (it's not emitting a shower of sparks when it's plugged in, right?). By and large, a vibrating muscle massager should not be used for penetrative masturbation. They're not waterproof, nor are they made of materials that can be sanitized effectively.

With that said, where do you get a vibrating muscle massager? You can buy them in most department stores (Target, Macy's and everything in between) and shops that specialize in selling random luxury goods (Brookstone and Sharper Image come to mind). You can walk right into these stores and buy one for yourself with your own hard-earned money.

Google for muscle massagers, and I'm sure something in your driving and price ranges should come up. If you have your own credit card, you can order discreetly.

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