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Hello my question to you is this, I am 26 years old and have an ED problem. I have always had this problem. I can get an erection but I can't keep it long enough to have intercourse with my partner. Do you know what someone my age has this problem for? As far as I know I am otherwise a very healty individual, and I was wondering should I seek medical help for this problem and if so can I just go talk to a regular doctor or do I need to talk to a urologist? any help would be appreciated.
Jhames replies:

For all the peeps who aren't familiar with the term ED, we're talking about Erectile Dysfunction or impotence. And, yes, it's normal and happens to a lot of people with penises.

I strongly suggest you see a urologist regarding your ED, especially for a person your age. You limited erection can be due to emotional and mental stress when it comes to sex, but a urologist will know if your problem is of a physical nature.

I won't recommend any herbal treatments, you can easily Google all that crap if you so choose, so for a moment let's talk about sex--rather, your sex life. What causes your inability to maintain an erection: are you comfortable with your partner? Do you two engage in foreplay? Is oral sex easier for you to maintain an erection? Are you able to keep your focus and stay connected with your partner during intercourse or do your thoughts drift elsewhere? When you masturbate, are you able to keep an erection?

Think about the answers to these questions and talk as comfortable as you feel with your urologist regarding your sex life. Options are available, and I'll bet you'll be up and, uh, running, in no time.

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