She took Plan B and now she has her period. Can she still be pregnant?

First thank you for taking the time to read my question. Anyways... my girlfriend (19) and I (also 19) recently became sexually active. We are both virgins and have no diseases. I got tested just in case just to make sure. Well we have had sex a few times with protection. Then this passed Wednesday (the 2nd of January) about 2pm, we had sex but I'm not sure I believe the condom broke because once I pulled out I noticed she had white liquid on her which I believed to be sperm. She said she had an orgasm and thinks maybe thats what it was. But any who, just to play it safe around 6pm the same day we went end got the Plan B pill and she took it, and took the 2nd pill around 5am the next morning. The thing is she was supposed to start her period soon and the very next day (Thursday) night she did (which was the same day of the month as the previous period). Well we were wondering if she could be pregnant? Today is the 5th and all of that happened within a short amount of time. Sex (on the 2nd)- Plan B (on the 2nd)- period (on the 3rd) So what im asking really is... 1) Is her period to early to actually know if she got pregnant? Or is it a sign she isn't? 2) If it isn't a sign of anything since its too early, could it increase the chance of her not being pregnant? 3) Can we get a pregnancy test 20 days from intercourse or do we have to wait until the next period? p.s thanks again this will be a huge help
Hollie replies:

It is highly unlikely your girlfriend is pregnant from this.

For one, if a condom breaks, you know it. Latex tends to shred when it breaks ... there'd be a visible hole in it. It sounds like this didn't happen. The white liquid you saw was probably either any lube that was on the condom or your girlfriends own natural lube.

Second, Plan B is extremely effective, especially when taken within 24 hours of the risk.

Finally, you cannot be pregnant and have a normal period. Some women experience spotting while pregnant, but this is not like a normal period. If your girlfriends period is the normal length and flow that she usually as, she cannot be pregnant.

In short, it doesn't sound like she needed the Plan B at all because it doesn't sound like there was any real risk here. But since she's taken it, and has since had her period ... I don't really see ANY way she could possibly be pregnant. If you still feel you need a pregnancy test, tests are accurate 10-14 days after the risk.

Have you and your girlfriend talked about protection? Do you only use condoms? Have you talked about a backup method? Many couples use various hormonal methods (pill, patch, ring, etc), diaphragm or cervical cap in addition to condoms. Condoms alone are very effective, but it sounds like you two could benefit from at least a conversation about the possibility of using a backup method.

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