Lube and orgasms

I was wondering is there any other type of lube I can use around the house instead of KY Jelly? And when I feel myself, it takes me a while to get to the right spot and when I do get there I start to tremble and I'm not able to go on because I just can't take it, then I stop. I want to keep going, but I'm not able to. I was wondering what can I do to go on with the pleasure? Is this when I have reached my climax?
Sarah replies:

Most things that you find around the house are not suitable for use as lubricant (if you have a vulva). They are simply not formulated for internal use and can easily lead to irritation and infection! So if you do not like KY, there are plenty of other brands of lube that you can buy at your grocery store, pharmacy, or local chain store. You should be able to find them near the condoms.

In terms of your second question, orgasm is an experience that is pretty darn specific to each individual. People get there in different ways. People feel the experience differently. It is not uncommon to feel a build-up to a point where one trembles or feels overly sensitive. Trembling or muscle contractions may also be part of an orgasm for some people. If you feel like you are too sensitive, but you still want to continue, the solution may be to ease up the stimulation or change to a different type of stimulation for a while. Different types of touch may allow you to continue longer.

The real bottom line though is just to try different things until you figure out what works best and feels best throughout the experience for you. It's not a race. So it is not about rushing to get there in the shortest time possible or using the "exactly right" stimulation. If you relax and focus on enjoying the experience as a whole (rather than focusing on orgasm), you will probably have better results.

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