I am 14 and don't have my period yet. Am i normal?

Im 14 and still dont have menstruation .... Is something wrong with me cause I feel abnormal . My friends always tease me and I have already visited a doctor but she said she'll have to see my V..... but I refused .. I also have scoliosis .. does that affect or dalay my menstruation?/ PLS HELP ME ...
Hollie replies:

Hi there,

It is important to remember that young people mature at different rates. Not all people with uteruses will have started menstruating by the age of 14.

There are other stages of puberty that are important and lead up to menstruation. For example, by the age of 14, you should notice some hair growing under the arms and in the pubic area. You should also notice some changes in your breasts. If you are not having any of these changes yet, you should see your doctor.

Otherwise, if you are having these changes, you are very likely just fine. We suggest that if you have not started menstruating by the age of 16, you should see your doctor.

It is not surprising that your doctor wants to do an exam. If you don't let her assess you, she can't help you. It is normal to be nervous and anxious about it, but it is an important part of your sexual and overall health. Being nervous should not keep you from getting the care you need. I think you need to reconsider. Do you trust your doctor? Maybe you can make an appointment with her to talk about the exam some more; She can answer your questions and show you some of the instruments that may be used during the exam.

Having scoliosis will not affect your menstruation. Overall health can affect it though. If you are otherwise unhealthy or underweight, this may be the cause.

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