How do I stop masturbating?

How can I stop masturbating? I cannot concentrate in my studies, and I think and daydream of sex all the the time. I want to stop it. I become weak and tired after I masturbate. Is this normal?
Susie replies:

Normally people are able to enjoy masturbation as a healthy, enjoyable exercise. However it is interfering with your studies and your ability to function, and it is making you unhappy. This is a big problem. You can't control your thoughts, and as a young person, you are going to have a lot of sexual urges. This is normal, albeit inconvenient at times.

To cut back on masturbation, I'd recommend you only let yourself masturbate at th appropriate times. Wake up early or go to bed early if you have to. Just keep "working hours" off-limits. I find that other forms of exercise are good for keeping a raging libido in check. Try running a few kilometers or play some football and then take a cold shower when you're done. Cardiovascular exercise is a good thing. Not only will this calm your libido, when you do masturbate, you won't feel so weak because your overall stamina will improve.

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