How do i know when he has orgasmed? I can't feel the ejaculate!

My boyfriend and I have sex a lot and we both enjoy it. However, I can't feel him ejaculate inside me and I hate asking him if he's done because it's a real turn-off for both of us. Is it normal for girls to not be able to feel guys come inside them? And if so, how can I tell when he's done?
Hollie replies:

Hi there,

You can relax; You're normal. Ejaculate is usually a relatively small (teaspoon or so) amount of fluid, and generally doesn't come out with such force that you should feel it. Some women say they CAN feel it, but you're not abnormal for not being able to feel it, and there is nothing abnormal about your partner either.

You may notice subtle things about your partner after he's orgasmed. He may make certain noises or facial expressions, or simply stop moving. Instead of always having to ask "Are you done yet?", you can watch for these signals, or ask your partner to give you some sort of sign that he's finished.

Keep in mind that there is always a risk of sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission with any genital to genital contact, or contact with any bodily fluids. If you have not been monogamous for 6 months and both had two clear STI screens, we suggest condom-use for all genital to genital and fluid contact. As well, you also have pregnancy risks, if you are not using some sort of birth control. Condoms work great as birth control too :)

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