J asks:
I'm a sixteen-year-old girl and recently realized that I am bisexual. My parents and brother have always been very clear that they will be accepting of whoever I am, so I came out to them only a few weeks after figuring things out myself. (They were indeed fine with it.) I also came out to a bunch of friends pretty quickly since most of my friends are queer, too. But now I’m really confused. I know that I am bi, but every day I doubt it.
Anonymous asks:
Hello, I'm 13 years old, and I just feel self-conscious about the fact that I am very fortunate. I came out to my family as bisexual and they completely support me, and I am SO VERY grateful that they are not in any way homophobic. They even bought everyone in my family LGBT Pride socks and bought me a Pride T-shirt and earrings too, but I am feeling self-conscious because my one friend (I will call her B) is pansexual, and her mom is homophobic.
Em asks:
My sister and I have never really gotten along. My nerdy and analytical personality has contrasted her affectionate and sensitive one for our entire lives. Though our relationship has never been perfect, everything's spiraled downhill since she enrolled in a local all-girls' Catholic school. While I was originally happy she found a community that suited her need for camaraderie, the ideals this institution enforces have ruined my perception of her. In her freshman year, her cheerleading squad bullied a lesbian teammate so viciously, she left the school.
Kevin asks:
I've always been an antifeminist and I've started to realize the error in my ways. But, now I feel empty inside and I don't know how to fill that hole. I wanted to know what I could do to help the community out, and better myself.
Anonymous asks:
My clitoris is deeply covered by the clitoral hood. It’s sort of like my clit is an “innie.” To expose the “nub”/harder part I have to pull back the skin of the hood a lot. When I do that I often see it’s not clean! :( Stuff seems to gather... like little white lint from TP or sanitary products (or who knows). It’s hard to get in there! Any advice? I worry about cleaning too vigorously but also not enough. I notice that if I feel uncomfortable or am not enjoying things during sex/masturbation I’ll check and often find some gunk. :/
Anonymous asks:
My pubic hair is pretty stubborn. No matter what I use or how I shave it, it always breaks out into bumps, and then gets irritated when I try to shave the short hairs. I've tried different creams and techniques, but it always breaks out.
Anonymous asks:
Lately I've noticed my sex drive has kicked up a lot. For a few years I was sexually abused, and ever since then (and even before that) my mind has been very sexual. I masturbate a lot, watch a lot of porn, constantly have sexual thoughts (in general and about some people), and it's really scary. I don't know how to talk to people about it, doctor or therapist, since I've never told them about my sexual abuse. Should I be worried? While I'm not sexually active (I'm still a minor), I've really wanted to see how good it feels, too...
Rose asks:
I've always self-identified as bisexual because I think there are types of male and female that I fall in love with. But I never thought I would fall in love with trans people before. How do I define my sexual orientation if I like a trans man? Is it heterosexual if I like a trans man and treat her as a male? Because many people are used to treating a trans man's partner as straight girl or heterosexual girl. Or is self-defining as pansexual more appropriate for me?
Parvati asks:
I’m a 21 year old college student who is interested in being a better ally to my LGBTQ friends. I’ve joined the alliance at college and sometimes have discussions with the club about LGBTQ issues.I have fun, and it’s a good experience. Sometimes though, especially on social media, I feel like I need to agree with the most “progressive” side in order to be taken seriously as an ally. For example, some people say that gender does not exist or is 100% a social construct and angrily shout down anybody who politely disagrees. I have 3 questions: is gender really only a social construct?
Susan asks:
I'm a 15-year-old girl who's best friends with a 15-year-old boy. He just told me that he likes me, like a lot. He wants to start dating, but I haven't talked to him about the fact that I'm not sure I'm straight. I don't want anything to change between us, because I love him a lot, just not romantically. Please help!