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Bodies • Bad smell from vagina during sex.

Scarleteen message board - Sun, 2019-09-15 11:47
Hi there,

I hope someone can help me. I've started having a bad smell from my vagina during sex with my boyfriend. It has only been the past 6 months. It is horrible and fishy and smells like stables. It is disgusting. I went to the doctor and had a full check up and there was no infection of any kind, so they said it is normal but I know my own normal smell and this just started. If i test during the day there is a slight slight slight bad smell but you have to really smell for it but during sex it is awful and fills the room.
I don't know what to do and it makes me feel disgusting and dirty even though I was with water and mild soap twice per day. I tried without mild soap too but it made no difference.
Is there something I can do to help this smell? I have an Mirena Iud fitted if that makes any difference

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Queer Indians Tell Us How Much has Changed Since Gay Sex Was Decriminalised A Year Ago

Scarleteen Tumblr - Sun, 2019-09-15 10:00
Queer Indians Tell Us How Much has Changed Since Gay Sex Was Decriminalised A Year Ago:...

Ask Us! • Long Distance Relationship :(

Scarleteen message board - Sun, 2019-09-15 00:09
I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost a year now, and recently (the last month or so) she has moved 500ish miles away,
we were sexually active and everything was great, but when she moved the "sexual energy" has been pent up so i decided to masterbate to feel a release,
i had done it before and climaxed but now i dont feel anything, and i feel like i cant get that release without her!
thoughts? what can i do?

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Ask Us! • Pregnancy and period

Scarleteen message board - Sat, 2019-09-14 21:16
Ok, I've been reading EVERYWHERE that when you're pregnant you do not have periods. Quite funny, that three weeks ago I had sex (with protection) after that I took plan B, got my period at estimated time and it was heavy, I bled for like 5 days (longer than supposed to). So it's not implantation because it does not match the definition that "spotting or when you do not fill pad or tampon" because sure I did fill A LOT of tampons and pads on my first days. Now, what's really funny, I took a test a week after my menses just to be sure - it showed clear negative. Ok and now, after three weeks of my last sexual act I took another test and at first it showed negative, but after 10mins another line appeared. Can you guys tell me what this bs is? Is it because the test dried out or it's an evaporation line or smth? I know my stupid head that I checked the test 10mins after when I shouldn't because it says to check results after 3 mins. After that 3 mins the test was negative. Is it safe to say the real result is negative? Should I take another test tomorrow? Or if I wasnt pregnant no other line would show and that means I am actually pregnant? Thanks for answers

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Ask Us! • i’m a virgin and i’m stuggling

Scarleteen message board - Sat, 2019-09-14 10:45
i’m 18 years old and i’m a virgin. i have two issues. i can’t finger myself ? i can barely fit the tip of my finger and it’s making me worried. i have a boyfriend and while we were getting intimate (oral sex) and things were heated he tried to put a tip of his finger and it was painful. i really wana get intimate with him

i never knew where the clit till one of my exes explained to me. and ever since ive been watching porn and while rubbing my clit and masturbate but now i was with my boyfriend yesterday and things we getting heated we had dry sex(humping) with nothing on and now the next day i tried to masturbate and watch porn i’m struggling to orgasm/cum.

i’m so confused and scared. like i love my boyfriend and i wana go all the way with him. what should i do ?

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"Ideally, your parent knows you, knows you won’t always agree with them, and they’ve been doing some..."

Scarleteen Tumblr - Fri, 2019-09-13 10:00
“Ideally, your parent knows you, knows you won’t always agree with them, and they’ve been...

Hey, friends. I’m sad to report that we’ve been...

Scarleteen Tumblr - Fri, 2019-09-13 07:08

Hey, friends. I’m sad to report that we’ve been seeing the lowest donation totals over the past six months than we’ve had in several years (only $1500 for all of August, for example

Relationships • Is my boyfriend cheating

Scarleteen message board - Fri, 2019-09-13 02:42
My boyfriend quite frequently had to go away for a bit and i keep having these terrible dreams that hes cheating on me. Im unsure of what i should do hes not talking to anyone and keeps coming up with excuses of why he cant talk and i really dont know if they are true or not. I am also friends with some of his mates and they also think its kinda strange please help

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Abuse & Assault • Every day since age 7 I've wanted to give my body back to the earth to avoid further exploitation.

Scarleteen message board - Thu, 2019-09-12 14:54
It's not safe for me to write here because staff here have expressed that people should be viewed and treated differently on the basis of misogynistic psychiatric labels that have been put upon them but I'm choosing an at-least-novel alternative to suicide in this moment.
The only notable thing about rape was how unexceptional and exactly like the rest of my life it was.

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Sexual Health • Contraception choice

Scarleteen message board - Thu, 2019-09-12 12:23
Hi! I'm looking for birth control but I am a bit underwhelmed & confused about my options so I'm looking for advice. I'm sorry if this is a bit long. It's basically an inventory of my thoughts, fears and questions about contraception.

I'm currently on the pill which I started at the age of 15 only to regulate my periods and help with acne. I've always had trouble taking the pill at the correct time but now that I am sexually active I feel that it's time to explore other options which I would be combining with a condom for STI protection.

I'm looking for something highly effective whether it's hormonal or not. I live in Canada and the implant is sadly not available. I'm not interested by the shot (time consuming) or the patch (irritation concerns) and right now I'm considering the Nuvaring or an IUD (copper or mirena).


I like that this is a method that is similar to the pill and that I can have a certain control over it. I believe it would also ensure my period is regular which is great. However I'm worried it could interfere with penetration and I'm also concerned about the price and the environmental cost of this method (important value . Moreover I fear that I could still make mistakes such as forgetting to change/put a new ring.

I'm interested in those methods because they are long term and I would not have to worry about contraception anymore. I believe they are also some of the most effective options out there. Also they seem cost-efficient in the long run. Plus, the copper one in particular seems to be very eco-friendly and I could get back in touch my my natural cycle.

However I've heard stories of strings hurting the partner and I'm also worried if in that case they can interfere with the condom. Also the insertion process scares me and seems very invasive.

When it comes to the mirena, I don't know if it could cause acne. I remember my early teens and I don't want to live this situation again. On the other hand, since the copper one is not covered by the public insurance system I'm not sure it's easily available.

Finally, I'm not sure if I could trust a doctor to be listening to me after the insertion if the side effects were too important and I wanted to get my IUD removed. I don't know if its a weird feeling but the whole thing just does not seems as empowering as other choices to me.

Although I've been thinking a lot about my options lately I just don't know what to do. Nothing looks really exciting and I'm wondering if I should just stay with the pill even though I have trouble taking it correctly. If you have any suggestions or answers about m y concerns, that would be much appreciated

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Breathe, Learn, Act Signup — My Kid is Gay

Scarleteen Tumblr - Thu, 2019-09-12 10:03
Breathe, Learn, Act Signup — My Kid is Gay: This is much needed, thoughtful resource for parents.

Ask Us! • Did I get my period?

Scarleteen message board - Wed, 2019-09-11 20:41
So last Sunday, I was fingering my vagina and I noticed blood on my finger after I took it out, the blood wasn’t flowing down to my underwear but just staying, is that a bad thing??? I haven’t started my period so I’m very concerned.

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Ask Us! • Ejaculation.

Scarleteen message board - Wed, 2019-09-11 17:36
I'm probably in dire need of an anatomy lesson so I hope my question doesn't sound stupid. I have a question about ejaculation. I know that semen and sperm production start out in the testicals and that fluid travels up vas deferans and ejaculated out the urethra. I also know that urine comes out the urethra but obviously comes from the bladder. I've always wondered what organs were working in concert to make a male ejaculate and how does the body know when to turn on the valve for urine and off for semen and vice-versa?

The other reason I'm asking and probably don't know my anatomy correctly is that the kidneys function to get rid of urine but do they have any function during sex with ejaculation or not at all involved? I ask because I was told I have a dry kidney by doctor and the only thing I do except take lithium (which the kidney needs to break down) is sexual activity or self-stimulation at least once daily. I have masturbated almost daily since I was 10 and first able to produce semen and as long as I can remember before that with that level of frequency. I was wondering if being this active had any affect on kidneys at all and if I did things sporadically if it would help matters? Again, likely a dumb question but I'm not that great with anatomy and how the reproductive system does what it's supposed to do. Aside from drawings in health class that's all I've ever seen and never had explained then or now how the body actually functions to release semen and sperm.

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Ask Us! • Pregnancy test

Scarleteen message board - Wed, 2019-09-11 17:19
Hi! Please delete if not allowed

My roommate thinks she might be pregnant but we don’t know when she should take a test.

She reports frequently missing pills and taking them in the evening instead of in the morning as planned. She takes them continuously so she does not get her periods.

I’ve read on your website that in that case she should take the test three weeks after the risk. Is the risk the day she missed a pill or the day she had intercourse?

Also she is not sure how many she missed/when she missed them because she puts all of her pills in a bottle instead of leaving them in the package.

I told her we could go buy a pregnancy test but I just want to make sure that if the result comes back negative we can trust it.

Could you help us figuring out when to take the test?

Thanks a lot

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Ask Us! • Period is not coming

Scarleteen message board - Wed, 2019-09-11 15:09
Hi! So basically my period hasn’t come yet and I’m pretty sure it’s late. I thought I was pregnant but I waited like a good 3 weeks to take one and to look for symptoms. And I haven’t gotten at symptoms and I took 2 pregnancy test both come out negative. So now I’m wondering why my period is late if I’m not pregnant?

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Sex & Sexuality • clothespins on nipples safe?

Scarleteen message board - Wed, 2019-09-11 09:16
im a masochist, & i really like the feeling of using clothespins as nipple clamps, but im not sure if its safe

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Ask Us! • Why do I experience sleep paralysis after masturbating before sleeping?

Scarleteen message board - Wed, 2019-09-11 07:12
Hello, I am Adrian and I am 14 years old. I want to know why do I almost always experience sleep paralysis after masturbating before sleeping and how can I avoid/prevent this from happening? Thanks

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hellyeahscarleteen: We’re psyched to roll out Quickies!...

Scarleteen Tumblr - Wed, 2019-09-11 06:30


We’re psyched to roll out Quickies! Super-condensed, simplified versions – with handout versions! – of some of our content, adapted for younger readers, those with intellectual disabilities, or others who find super-short sex ed a better fit!