Thanks to our supporters!

Scarleteen would like to thank to those who have donated their time, effort or dollars to our service, including the following people and groups:

Sex Ed Angels

donations over $1000 or volunteer equivalent
Cory Silverberg
The Eleanor Fund
Clare Sainsbury
Nathanael Nerode
Jane Duvall

Patron Saints

donations over $500 or volunteer equivalent
Audra Estrones Williams, Lefty Lucy
Carol Queen & Robert Morgan
Kristina Wright
Ken Davenport
Agrimony Photography
Todd Belton
Debra Hyde
Sabrina Dent
Gray Miller and family, Satorimedia
Richard Fraser
Becca Nelson
The Bryant-Lake Bowl
Al Pontyondy-Smith
Kaari Busick


donations over $100 or volunteer equivalent
Jean Rossner, in memory of Barbara Seaman
Chloe Blokker-Dalquist
Amy Gibby
Nicole Erny
Carol Queen
Lisa Miya-Jervis, Bitch Magazine
Molly Bennett and Holly Hanson
Elise Matthiesen
Barbara Sher
Lisa Richards
Kythryne Aisling and Amy Linari
Yvette McDonald
The LiveJournal Polyamory Community
West Delta Ladies' Club
Harriet Culver
Heather Spear & Dykes Do Drag
Sarah Larsen
Jaco and Ingrid
Frank and Lisa Richards
Chris Bridges
Becca Nelson
Aaron Hawkins
Kerry Nancarrow
Erin Karper
Louise Lalonde
Sarah Riley
Caro Buccheim
Lisa D. Link
David K.
Soapbox Girls


donations over $50 or volunteer equivalent
Lolita Wolf
Karoline Gostl
The Beltane Papers
Zaedryn Meade
Rebecca Pearson
Tracy Omagbemi
Ronald Nigh
Nathan and Cheryl Sherman
Stacy Bias,
Toys in Babeland
Linda Morgan
Ann Will
Kristina Detmer
Anonymous from Alberta, Canada


donations over $10 or volunteer equivalent
Gayle Bird Designs
Chris Hall
Elizabeth Wood
David Chess
Sara Astruc
Melissa McCarthy
Lynn Hansen
Elizabeth Lundsten
Katie Mihaly
Stephanie Levi
Newt Ashman
Debra Mansperger
Susannah Indigo
Anne Semans and Cathy Winks
Early to Bed

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