How have your experiences been with sexual/reproductive healthcare?

How good is your communication with partners with any kind of sex?

How safe (free from danger & harm) do you feel identifying your gender around people of a different gender?

A Very Important Note on Menstrual Suppression

As you may know, at Scarleteen we do not yet endorse suppressing menstruation/continuous birth control -- using a hormonal method of birth control in order to skip withdrawal bleeds/periods -- for women under 18, because there still is yet to be any study done or published with adolescent women to evaluate if it is safe or medically sound for those in that stage of physical development.

There is yet no available data concerning the long term effects of menstrual suppression on a woman's overall health, at any age. I should also mention that no studies have been published yet about the safety or efficacy of suppressing periods with the patch or vaginal ring.

However, there have been published and reviewed studies for women over 18 using oral contraceptives for suppression.

Have you had an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy?

When it comes to my gender, I:

When you have had any kind of sex with a partner, how often have you REALLY wanted to have sex?