Scarleteen Quick-Start Guide

Looking for something specific?

  • Start with the search function, right here. Enter your query, like, "pain with sex," or "penis size" or "bumps on vulva" or "relationship troubles," and click the button that says "search." You will be given a list of articles, advice answers, blog entries and other resources on the site specific to your topic. Hint: there is a search box on the lower left hand corner of every page.
  • You can also try using our page of tags here, which lists words and phrases we have tagged pieces with because they are about or address a given topic. Hint: there is a small box of our most popular tags on the left sidebar of every page.
  • Start with our article indexes, which you can access with that big blue navigation box on the top right corner of every page. Yep, that blue box up there.

Looking for an answer but coming up with nothing?

You might be misspelling the term you're entering: try alternate spellings. For instance, vagina, not virginia, vigina, vagia, or orgasm not organism, orgsim or cumming.

Want to ask us a question?

  • Start with the search function, right here or the list of tags here. We have answered a lot of questions, and most people's situations aren't as unusual as they think. We often delete questions asked which we have answered before, so it's best to check the site first to see if your question has already been answered. Hint: there is a search box on the lower left hand corner of every page.
  • Look through our existing index of advice questions here, or at our message boards, here, which you can also search via this link.
  • Still nothing or just not finding what you need? Then you can ask us. For questions you want answered as soon as possible, which are time-sensitive (like pregnancy scares or risks, current infections or very recent abuse or assault), or to have an ongoing discussions about it is best to post a question at the message boards. The wait at the message boards for an answer is usually anywhere from less than an hour to a half day.
  • If your question is NOT time-sensitive, if you want a very in-depth answer from one of our Sexpert Advice columnists, or you just don't mind waiting, then you can put a question in our Sexpert Advice quere here. It is okay, if you like, to post a question both at the boards and in the Sexpert Advice queue. The wait for an answer at Sexpert Advice can be up to several weeks, and unlike the boards, not all questions posted will be answered. If you would like to be emailed when your question is answered, you can log in to your account here, or you can post an email address in your question for us to contact you at if and when we answer your question.

Note: Due to COPPA law, we cannot and will not accept registrations or give advice to those under the age of 13 without a parent's written permission. If you are under 13 and your parent would like to give you that permission, have them email us.

Need to get in touch with us directly?

You can do that here. Please bear in mind that we do NOT take advice questions sent via email, only through the message boards or the Sexpert Advice queue. Emailing us about a question also will not get it answered any faster.

Want more information on how to use the site?

Take a look at our broader guide here.