Scarleteen Promotional Graphics

Below you'll find a small sampling of graphics to use if you want to promote and link to Scarleteen on your web site.

You'll need to download the graphic to your computer and host it from your server, as we ask that you please link to our home page: or, if you're helping with fundraising, that you link to the donation page, or with book promotion, to the page on the book.

Scarleteen remains one of the most widely-used and longest standing YA sexuality website on the web, and that's largely because of word of mouth from readers and supporters: we've never run or purchased any advertising, ever. We've got those of you who promote us to thank for our reach. So, hey: thanks!

General banners, fundraising graphics and promotional graphics for and S.E.X.

real questions



even you

give a buck


donate one

big sis

s.e.x. banner

small s.e.x.

stpromo lg

sex sidebar