The Post-Pregnancy Handbook: The Only Book That Tells What the First Year After Childbirth is Really All About--Physically,

There are numerous books on post-partum depression, the experience of motherhood, nutrition and exercise after childbirth. But there hasn't been a book that provides the extensive descriptions of what a mother experiences both physically and emotionally after childbirth AND gives throughly researched practical tips and advice--until now. From Sylvia Gaussen, a mother, and Mary Dowd Struck, RN, MS, CNM, and ob/gyn nurse,comes THE POST-PREGNANCY HANDBOOK, a wonderfully comprehensive, honest guide to the entire post-natal experience. Gaussen and Struck provide medical, physical and psychological advice for parents navigating that crucial period immediately following the baby's birth. They give detailed information to new mothers on: -The First Few Days: recovering emotionally and physically caring for any surgical or hormonal side- and after-effects of labor or a c-section possible immediate medical complications -The First Few Weeks: discovering new lifestyles and routines for the new mother and father returning to sex after childbirth identifying and overcoming emotional difficulties from mild "blues" to severe postnatal depression reimagining relationships with older children surviving fatigue navigating new dietary needs for mother and child discovering a maternal instinct -The First Year: a complete physical recovery: how to get back in shape from the inside out A thorough , straightforward guide to helping the mother thrive in her new role.