If you're choosing to wait to have a given kind of sex or all sex, the reason you are waiting is MOSTLY because

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I want to be married first.
18% (450 votes)
I want to be with a partner where I know there is love, respect and trust first.
29% (736 votes)
I want to feel better about myself, my body or sex in general first.
9% (218 votes)
I want to have a better handle on birth control and/or safer sex first.
5% (130 votes)
It just hasn't felt right yet.
10% (256 votes)
I want to be a certain age first, or out on my own.
4% (95 votes)
I'm not sure why, or for some other reason.
4% (114 votes)
I'm not waiting or didn't choose/am not purposefully choosing to wait.
21% (547 votes)
Total votes: 2546