First Love: Remembrances

Everyone remembers their first time! Teenage sexuality in our culture is either completely avoided or outrageously exploited. Sex in general is trivialized, minimized, romanticized and fantasized about but there are few opportunities for teenagers to learn the real truth about initial sexual experiences. 'First Love :: Remembrances' tells the stories of people's first time having sex, their first time making love (often two very different experiences) and their first romances. 'First Love' shows teenagers all of the different ways you can make the transition from being a virgin to entering into their sexuality, that it is definitely a big deal (and not a throwaway thing) and that they are not alone. Teenage sex and initial lovemaking experiences are powerful rites of passages. 'First Love'gives teens real life information so they can make wise decisions. Hailed as a breakthrough in sex ed by leading sex education experts around the world. 'First Love' is an important reminder that first time sex is something we remember our entire lives and that it's worth considering how, when and with whom you want it to happen.