When you have a conflict with a boyfriend or girlfriend, do you

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Avoid talking about it and hope that it will go away
12% (100 votes)
Immediately agree with the other person and allow them to have their way
6% (51 votes)
Fight hard to have your own way (because hey, you're always right anyway!)
9% (75 votes)
Deal with it head on and try to come up with a solution that works for everyone
73% (622 votes)
Total votes: 848


basically you want to deal with it right away. i had a incident where my boyfriend/fiance made out with another girl(my ex best friend) during the christmas break. durring the time i was going through family issues and had no way to conntact him. but as soon as i did he told me about it and started crying saying he was so sorry and also came and told me in person. honestly i'm still not over it it hurts. but we're dealing with it head on. and that is what makes me forgive him, and he told her to stay away from him and wont speak to her anymore.:)

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