What would/do you need to feel comfortable talking to your parents or guardians about sex?

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I would need for them to be open about what i have to say, and i would need to know that they're not gonna judge me regardless of my feelings and decisions. if my parents were understanding and valued my point of view, i would be talking to them about sex very often, including all my concerns and stuff.

I would need them to have genuine respect and care about my choices, identity, and orientations.

I would need some sort of assurance that I won't be judged or labelled by my parents/guardians. I need to know that whatever I share with them will not be used against me as in a derogatory manner.

In some ways, I need to have questions that they are willing to answer along with a problem of my own that relates. I also need their respect and acceptance.

My parent is extremely uncomfortable about sex and sexuality, especially as it pertains to me. She also tends to react extremely emotionally to decisions I make about my sex and sexuality which are different than those that she makes. She has some misinformation of contraception and is distrusting about the forms that I use, despite the research I shared with her. While it might be more comfortable to be able to be honest with my parent about my sex life, I would be compromising my ability to make my own decisions about my body if I did so. When I have questions about sex and sexuality, I do research or seek answers from other older adults in my life.

My parents are very open about sexual things. So, for me, all I would need is to know that they would really listen to me-and not give me any labels. Just for them to listen and answer questions.

Carry on my wayward son,
There'll be peace when you are done.

...I'd need them to not have said the bigoted things I remember so clearly. To not have me be the one to help them become more tolerant. That's about it, really.

Because even though they're better now, I'm still just flat out uncomfortable talking more seriously about my queerness, which tends to go with talking about sex. Sure, I'm fine with joking about it, but the "Hey yeah, actually I'm not a boy or a girl, also asexual, and bi(romantic)" thing doesn't work so well in conversations about sex and sexuality when they don't really get it.

Though, I guess it's kind of a moot point by now - and I'm not upset or anything, it's just that I've already found out what I need to know from places like scarleteen and the fuckyeahsexeducation tumblr.

I'm lucky to have a mom who gave me the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about sex from an early age. I was never felt to feel like I should be ashamed of sex, or that I needed to be heterosexual, gender-conforming, anything like that. I can talk openly with her about who I am interested in, who I am having sex with, anything. My mom is big on social justice and is definitely a feminist, so my sexual activity is generally affirmed, unless she is concerned that a partner may be abusive or I didn't really give consent, things like that.

I would need my mom to put aside her beliefs and preconceived notion that I'm still a good Christian girl, and respect the fact that I'm a growing woman.

I would need them to be non-judgmental and put their traditional views aside. They treat me differently than my sister, and I think it is wrong, as they let her use BC and not me. I would need an apology, and I would need them to actually see that the science behind the methods is okay, it won't hurt or kill me.

My mum is very open about me talking about sex. However, i need her to stop saying that my boyfriend and I are "too serious"

I'm never going to be comfortable talking to my parents about sex. I don't think anything ever could make me comfortable with it, but fortunately I'm highly unlikely to ever need to now, so it's something I can live with.

I came out as a lesbian to all of my friends before coming out to my mom, it went super well as expected and we haven't talked about it since.

To be honest, I'm not comfortable talking to my parents about sex most of the time. That's why this website has been so helpful to me for many, many years. My parents are very non-friendly when it comes to anything out of the "norm". They're not LGBTQ supporters. While I don't really know where I personally fit in the spectrum of things, I know that they wouldn't support the differences I have from the "norm".

I would need them to be understanding, calm, nonjudgemental, and open-minded of my thoughts, questions, and decisions. I think being these qualities are the most important because if my parents were like this I wouldn't have to be so scared and deal with difficult unanswered questions.

I need Mom to respect my bisexuality. I came out to my mom three years ago and she still thinks I'm too young to know my feelings, I'm going through a phase, and I have a choice. At the moment I can't talk to her about same-sex relationships, let alone sex. This (and her lack of respect for online relationships) has the potential push me into unsafe practices since I can't ask her for resources or support which I need due to a disability. It also makes me sad because when I was younger she was actually very good about giving me information etc. when it came to heterosexual sex and relationships, but it seems that that only lasted as long as I conformed to her idea of a good, conventional child.

Luckily I have very open, liberal parents who are sex positive and pro choice. They have always been super supportive of me and encouraged me to go to the Doctor and talk about STI testing and find a good fit contraceptive. I have very few worries about expressing sexual concerns with my parents, although these days I have a great relationship with my Doc and since I have moved out, I mostly manage it on my own :)

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