Represent! What are you most hoping for from your sexual life?

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To let myself see sex as something normal, natural, and not super serious how people want it to be. It's fun, it feels good, so why does everyone make it sound sooo serious?

To have fun, feel good, and be mature and chill about everything. And to help my partner feel the same way.

To share my own pleasure and my partner's pleasure, while making sure we're safe and enthusiastically consenting. My favourite sexual activity is mutual masturbating, and talking with each other about our fantasies and self-love.

To be completely comfortable communicating my thoughts, feelings, and desires to my partners, however trivial or potentially contentious they might be. To foster an environment in which my partners feel comfortable communicating the same things to me. To ensure that all of my partners are invested in fostering that environment for both of us. To have fun, to be silly, to try new things.

To have fun and to learn all of the different things that make my body feel good.

Comfortable intimacy - feeling completely at ease with my partner and sharing everything with them.

To have silly, messy, sexy fun, with everyone feeling safe and unselfconscious.

To have a loving, comfortable, and safe intimate connection with my partner. I want it to be an exciting and fun, yet relaxing experience for both of us.

I am bisexual. I'm a 13 year old female and at first I felt confused and upset! I didn't understand why.
I posted it online, telling how I felt and I wasn't sure what to do. I got lots of messages on tumblr with advice from people of the same, and different sexualities telling me it was okay. I think I have learned to accept it. I also found out a close female friend of mine kind of likes me. Exciting!

i would like sex to be fun, fulfilling and safe! with someone i trust i guess. that's very important. for it to be an occasion to try new things, and possibly to learn something about my partner(s). and to be ready when i'll have my first time, absolutely.

Personally, sex should be intimate but kinky. It should play a part in a relationship where you feel safe and totally comfortable. I'm turning 16 in just a couple of days and have never had sex. I have come close to experiencing it many times but I feel as if sex should be shared with someone who you truly care for, so my advice to any girls or boys is to analyze your relationship before taking it to the next level. You might regret it if you don't.


To be able to be crazy sexual like bondage type or roleplay one day and then cute fluff sex the next day with no weird feelings between my partner and I.

I'm hoping the pattern will continue. It's had a strong upward trend, from awkward, fumbling first times to increasingly confident and adventurous life I have with my partner. Nothing has made a bigger difference than learning about bodies and sexuality!

To actually have one.

To have mutual respect, trust and feel good in all my decisions, an orgasm would be nice too.

I don't have one now , so I'd like to go on a nice date . I'm completely inexperienced.

Though I think it's a ways off for me, I want to be able to communicate with and trust my partners completely, and them to be able to do the same with me. I want it to be mutually loving and respectful, and for everyone to be able to share their fantasies without being judged even no one else is into them.

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