The "Go Ask Alice" Book of Answers: A Guide to Good Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Health

Was it a one-night stand or true love? What are the symptoms of chlamydia? How do I know if my drinking is out of control? While questions like these may be a parent's worst nightmare, they weigh heavily on the minds of today's teens and twentysomethings. Thankfully, The "Go Ask Alice" Book of Answers has come to the rescue, providing straightforward, nonjudgmental, comprehensive answers to the toughest, most embarrassing questions teens (and adults) have about their sexual, emotional, and physical health. Inspired by Columbia University's award-winning and hugely popular Q&A Web site, this essential book is packed with answers to questions initially posed online. The university's health service staff has collaborated to ensure that each topic--from how to kiss to the effects of LSD--is given candid, educated attention in an easy-to-digest Q&A format. Queries posed to "Dear Alice" are answered with humor, understanding, and a complete lack of didacticism. A thorough list of resources is included, providing telephone numbers and Internet addresses for related health organizations, as well as directions for where to look on the Go Ask Alice Web site for more information on the immense variety of subjects. With this excellent book in hand, older teens and college students will be better prepared for the journey to adulthood. And grown-ups would benefit as well from the wealth of information contained in these pages. (Ages 15 and older) --Brangien Davis