Family Tree Clinic

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Our education department goes into schools, community organizations, shelters, chemical dependency centers, detention centers, colleges and parent groups to teach a variety of classes: Sexually Transmitted Infections Unintended Pregnancy/Pregnancy Prevention Healthy Relationships Parents As Sexuality Educators Anatomy Puberty Education HIV/AIDS Sexual Health and Adolescent Risk Prevention We also have Health Education and Services for the Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing that offers classes and also support in receiving health care by ASL translation between patient and providers.
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Do they offer free condoms?: 

Everyone is welcome to Family Tree Clinic! It is important that our patients receive sexual health care in a supportive, non-judgmental way for a healthy, happy, sex life.

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sexual/reproductive healthcare
STI/STD testing and treatment
contraception (birth control) and emergency contraception
pregnancy testing
pregnancy all-options counseling
counseling/therapy or support groups
trans gender/gender-variant services
LGBQ services (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or questioning)
teen-specific services

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