Alternatives to the Peace Corps: A Guide of Global Volunteer Opportunities, 11th Edition

Make Your Commitment Count! Want to work on a volunteer project that really matters but don't know where to start looking? Alternatives to the Peace Corps is the original resource for finding community-based, grassroots volunteer work-the kind of work that changes the world, one person at at time. Thoroughly revised, expanded, and updated in its tenth edition, Alternatives to the Peace Corps has: * listings for over 100 carefully selected national and international organizations* NEW tips on researching and evaluating organizations* NEW help with budgeting and fundraising* an extensive resource section full of books, websites, and organizations for further reading and research and much more. Whether you want to volunteer at home or abroad, and whether you can spend two years or two weeks, Alternatives to the Peace Corps will help you find a volunteer experience to match your highest ideals.