What could make you more comfortable bringing up sexuality concerns or questions with adults?

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If I felt sure they wouldn't be judgemental.
14% (282 votes)
If I knew they'd respect my privacy.
6% (116 votes)
If they seemed more comfortable with/about sexuality themselves.
9% (185 votes)
If they made themselves more available to me.
1% (19 votes)
If they told me I could ask them.
2% (36 votes)
If they reacted better when I ask questions or voice concerns.
7% (134 votes)
If they seemed better educated about sexuality.
2% (44 votes)
If they wouldn't assume I was doing things I was asking about.
7% (149 votes)
If we communicated more often or better about other big things.
2% (40 votes)
ALL of these things.
44% (898 votes)
The adults in my life already do a good job: I'm comfortable going to them.
4% (75 votes)
Something else (tell us in the comments!)
2% (44 votes)
Total votes: 2022


It's not the adults that make me uncomfortable, it's myself. I am not comfortable talking about sex.

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